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The water dripping from the insomniac moon can't go back.
During this time I can just laugh about how pretty beautiful things are.
It all seems so fake...
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That's What They All Say
30/10/2016 01:37
Ghost Dog

They said she couldn't get better. They told her upfront that it was the end, and there wasn't anything anyone could do. They were giving up and moving on. Although, she hung on; trying every day to win a battle against an opponent much stronger. And with every heartbeat it hurt more. And every breath was getting weaker. She was fighting her fears themselves and no one was there to help her. She was fighting and fighting, and she couldn't stop; for if she did, she would've lost.

With every breath she took her lungs sunk with the heaviness of tears. She was drowning in a sense of betrayal and abandonment. She saw them come and leave the room with more medication, but they never said a word. She was like an animal getting fed, a once loved puppy being thrown out and abandoned as an old dog, weak and sore. No one had the time for her and no one seemed to care. She was alone, and she was scared. 

But nothing can stop this girl. Even through all this, she stayed determined. Determined to win the battle and prove her strength. She took it as it came, and day after day she felt stronger. But no one saw the change. The doctors were corrosive to her cells and she was slowly getting destroyed, inside and out. 

The beast inside her would scream and struggle against its bonds. The physical bonds that sunk so deep into her flesh. So deep that her mind was getting strangled too.

She sought desperately the comfort of others. Her once cold soul was now a sponge observing all the affection she could get. 

But no one was willing to respond to her call. Avoidance of eye contact was their way of telling her they didn't care. And it was slowly sinking in that she had nothing to hold on to.

The medication just barely kept her alive, and her strong opponent was getting stronger as she was heading the opposite way. Although she felt stronger every day, reality was that her body was on the edge. She realized it now but wasn't willing to let go.

She was battling a battle for everyone else - just to prove to them how wrong they were. But were they? There was no longer a sense of comfort in breathing slowly. No longer a sign of strength in her heartbeat, that was now weak and force-less. Her unsteady breathing begun to fade now, to a point where the machines were her only link to life.

It harnessed her in it's cold grasp as she was hanging on to the edge of the cliff, her fingernails digging into the dirt and ripping from her soft flesh. The machines alienated her from reality and she was held in place by a few bloody strips of flesh, stretching the longer she stayed in place. They hurt, She was hurt.

She was burning with a desire to live but her flames were quickly choked by the drugs, overdosing as they slaked. 

It was nearing an end and everyone knew it. And there wasn't anything anyone could do. 

They told her it was the end.


"I couldn't prove them wrong" 

She sighed as her eyes locked shut, imprisoning her soul from what's ever left to see. 

Her heart was slowing down and the machines were screaming frantically for someone to come and save her, although to her the noise just sounded like laughter.

The dissonance was painful to listen to, as her heart steadied to a stop. Finally releasing her from all that was bad, allowing her, for once in her life, to finally let go.

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Results Day
25/08/2016 21:48
Ghost Dog

Well, today was the day.
The day I've finally graduated high school! ^-^

Yup, you heard right. I graduated from my school today, and what an eventful day it is!
I couldn't sleep last night, I only got about 2 hours of sleep, and I woke up at 5am, to be greeted by messages from my friends- who also couldn’t sleep!
Well, slowly, the time came.
It was about 8:20 and I started heading towards Alfie's house, as we were going there together. And there we were, in the car with his parents, driving to find out what the rest of my future looks like.

We were some of the first ones there, and my other friend, Adriana, was there waiting for us. We picked up our results and waited; I didn't want to open them without Ethan (The boyfriend). Meanwhile, Alfie opened his results and was headed towards Sixth Form enrolment to choose his subjects. And then, Ethan arrived. And once he did, it was finally time to find out what we got.

We headed to the corner to open our results alone. I took a deep breath and looked at the sheet. It was great!
I had passed everything.
"I got an A in English Literature!" I shout at Adriana. I can't say I felt happy with my results- but I certainly was not disappointed in them.
I only failed one subject, ironically- Hebrew.
It's pretty funny that I managed to fail my own language although I did great in English. 
Well, as I said, I wasn't happy.

Want to know what I got?

Read on!

Information and Creative Tech. (ICT): P2 (equivelant to grade C)

Maths: C
Drama: B
Music: C
Religious Studies (RE): B
Art and Design: C
Computer science: C

English Language: C
English literature:  A
Biblical Hebrew: F
Science A: B
Additional Science: C


1A, 3B's, 7C's and 1F!

And with these results…

Image result for gcse results day

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28/06/2016 01:51
Ghost Dog

הוא חבש את המסכה שלו וסגר את הדלת מאחוריו בשקט. הוא טיפס על גב סוסו ויצא בדהרה מן המקום, גלימתו הלבנה מיתנופפת מאחוריו. סוסו ניווט במיקצועניות בין גזעי עצים בתוך היער. נהמה קלילה של רוח נישמעה בזמן שהוא רכב במהירות, ולא עצר לרגע.


הוא חלף לידה כמשב רוח, רוכב על סוס לבן, היא הספיקה ליקלוט מפניו רק את מסכתו הלבנה ומבגדיו רק את גלימתו, שניראתה צחורה כל כך. היא היסתכלה עליו בסקרנות, בעניין בעודו רוכב. בעוד החלה ליצעוד חזרה למלון היא הסתכלה לאחור, כדי ליראות אם הוא עדיין שם. סוסו עמד במקום, צד גופו מופנה אליה, סוס גדול, יפהפה. רתמתו של הסוס מורכבת מעור בקר משובץ באבן חן כחולה שנחה על מצחו, מתחת לרעמתו השחורה. הרוכב הביט בה בעיניים אפורות-בהירות, בצבע הלבנה. הוא בחן אותה בסקרנות בעוד היא החזירה מבט חודר שחרג את גבול נשמתו. צרחה נישמעה מאחורי הנערה אדומת השער והיא הסתובבה במהירות חיננית לכוון האזעקה. שיערה האדמוני התנופף מאחוריה ונחת על גבה.  הרוכב קלט בזק של אבן חן כחולה על השרשרת התלויה על צווארה ונשימתו נעתקה. אזעקת שווא, ילדה קטנה שאחיה הגדול הבהיל אותה. עיניה הירוקות שבו לחפש שנית את הרוכב המיסתורי, אבל זה כבר לא היה שם.


בעודו מניף את עצמו מן האוכף, אנחה נפלטה מבין שפתיו חסרות הצבע. מגפיו פגעו ברצפת האסם עשוי האבן והניפו ענן קטן, עשוי מאבק, אל חלל החדר. קול ההתנצחות הדהד וסוסו נחר. הוא התיר את אבזמי הרתמה של סוסו והחליק את הרתמה בעדינות מעל ראש הסוס. הוא טפח על צווארו של הסוס הלבן ותלה את הרתמה העשוייה עור משומן על הוו התלוי על הקיר לצידו. הוא החליק את עצבעותיו ארוכות-הטפרים על העור השחור. ידו נעצרה על האבן הכחולה, זו שיקפה את פני הים והגלים והוא עצם את עיניו ולרגע יכל לשמוע את קול הצעדים על החול. "לעזעזל איתך!" התפרץ לפתע. הוא זרק את הרתמה באגרסיביות על הרצפה והסתובב אל סוסו בכעס. החיה נרתעה ועיניה נפקחו בפחד. הרוכב הוריד את האוכף מגב הסוס ושחרר את החיה לאחו. "מדוע הייתה חייבת היא לפגוש אותו שוב, במקום הזה, כל כך רחוק מן הבית?" הוא תהה לעצמו ויצא בסערה מהאסם, טורק את הדלתות הגדולות בחוזקה.

Here you are, my first piece in Hebrew in a few years. 

Cut me some slack, I have to use an on-screen keyboard and I find Hebrew very hard to describe.

I hope you like it, I worked very hard on it.

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Sit, Squeeze, Canter.
29/05/2016 17:30
Ghost Dog
Because I am having my college riding exam in the summer, my friend is allowing me to ride her horse.
It is convenient to his training and to his fitness, and to her.
As her dad said, she needs to get out and interact with people more, which is why he is allowing me to ride the animal.
This horse goes between too skinny and too fat in a matter of days. He goes from Anemia to Laminitis in less than a week.
He was off for 6 months, ill and unable to be ridden. But now it's time to go back to work. 

We had a trial and they decided I am fit and good to ride him. 
He is coloured. Black and white and absolutely stunning.
He is a good cob type, heavy and steady in his step. 
His feathers and whiskers are clipped, and although I don't like that, it isn't my choice.

She rides him first, my friend.
"Are you going to try to canter today?"
I ask her and she replies
"Yeah, I might".
I am a better rider than her, but she isn't bad. 
It is apparently her first time cantering him in the year she's owned him. 
But she did. 
"Wrong leg"
I shout from the viewing stand. But it doesn't really matter that much. 
But now it's my turn.

Another horse is brought in to be lunged as I am mounting. 
So now I have to ride in a consistent small circle.
He threw a little buck when she tried to canter, but it was barely even noticeable. 
But now we ride.
He is already warmed up from her short ride, so I go straight to work.
He needs to circle, small circles to really build those muscles. 
I start by making him trot extremely slowly, like a jog. He is good and listens.
We canter a few circles, some extremely tight. He is light and soft to sit to. Perfect, 

It starts to rain but I continue working with him.
But this time, he decides to buck. 
I ask him to canter but he stops and throws a small buck, I sit to it and cluck at him to keep moving forward.
But then he bucks again instead, a big, mean "get off me" type buck.
I ignore him, sit to it and off we go.

He is a good ride. He is kind and loving.
But I don't think they are the right riders for him, because with them he learned that he's the boss.
But now, with me, he got a little shock and realized, 
I don't need to be his boss. I want to work with him, as a team.

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